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Well Water Filtration System
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Well Water Filtration Systems in Saskatch­ewan

Infinite Water Solutions Offers Well Water Filtration Systems

Infinite Water Solutions is proud to offer well water filtration systems for customers throughout Saskatchewan. We are a locally-owned company, so we are familiar with the specific needs of well water systems in the area. Regardless of the current state of your well water, we have a solution that will provide clean and pure water to your home. We have offices in Weyburn, Regina, and Saskatoon, meaning we are never too far away to provide our services. Members of our team travel throughout the province daily to perform evaluations, installations, and maintenance. If your home is like many others in Saskatchewan, you rely on well water for your daily needs. Contact us today to learn how our well water filtration systems can turn your water into better-than-bottled water quality.

Well Water Filtration Systems for Any Situation

Our comprehensive service starts when we visit your home to determine the type of filtration system you need and continues well beyond installation. We begin our start-to-finish service by performing a free mineral lab analysis. Our team of well water experts will use this information to suggest the right filtration system for your home. After a consultation, our technicians will return to install your system and ensure its proper function. Once complete, we will provide free annual service for your water filtration system.

We Know Saskatchewan Water

Infinite Water Solutions is local to Saskatchewan, as are our company’s owners. We know the area and we know its water. Therefore, we understand what it takes to purify your well water. Our filtration systems are made for Saskatchewan water. Not only do they soften water, but they also completely clean it to remove calcium, dirt, sediment, rust, iron, chemicals, tannin, nitrates, sulphates, bacteria and manganese, among other deposits. Our experts will determine the ideal solution for you based on the results of your free mineral test. Among the options are:

  • Water Softeners/Conditioners – We supply a range of water softeners and conditioners that includes a deluxe model with an industry-leading warranty as well as a budget model that is more than capable of treating water hardness problems in Saskatchewan.
  • Iron/Manganese Systems – For some homeowners in the province, the most suitable well water filtration system is an iron filter. We typically pair iron and manganese systems with an existing water softener to eliminate rust staining, smells, and colours from your well water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking StationsInfinite Water Solutions offers multiple industry-leading reverse osmosis drinking stations. Our deluxe model is the only nine-stage system on the market and can produce up to 100 litres of drinking water every day. Our budget model removes up to 99.9% of impurities and features an easy-to-use twist-lock style.
  • Dugout Water Systems – We can treat dugout water for your Saskatchewan home whether it passes through a seepage well or is pumped directly. We will customize your dugout water filtration system by considering the quality of the surface water, the presence of a seepage well, and the presence of aeration. Contact us today to learn more about the range of water softeners, conditioners, and drinking stations for dugout water systems.
  • Problem Water Solutions – Infinite Water Solutions is the perfect partner to help you deal with problem rural water. Other companies only offer generic systems, but we specialize in problem water in Saskatchewan, so we are certain to deliver exceptional solutions backed by our three-year, money-back guarantee.

Contact Infinite Water Solutions Today

If you have well water in Saskatchewan, call Infinite Water Solutions for a free water analysis. We have customers throughout the province, so we pass through most or all areas on a weekly basis. We will schedule a time to evaluate your water and propose a solution that will guarantee clean water for your household. Our range of well water filtration systems and water softeners was designed for Saskatchewan water. It can efficiently purify your water to help ensure the health of your family. Give us a call at one of our offices in Saskatoon, Regina, or Weyburn! We also have full-time technicians in Hepburn and Prince Albert, meaning we have associates nearby at all times. Contact us today to learn more about our well water solutions.

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