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Water Testing Procedure
General Services

Free Mineral Lab Analysis (Well Water)

If you live in Saskatchewan and use private well water for your home, Infinite Water will test your water for free, including manganese, iron, total dissolved solids, pH, tannin, sodium, and hardness.

Bring a second bottle of your treated water to see how your system is doing.

Note – Infinite Water does not test for potability including bacteria or nitrates, as this test should be done through an accredited lab such as Roy Romanow provincial laboratory in Regina. The level of testing we do is for aesthetic effects – helpful for the design and improvement of water treatment in your home – but should not be relied upon to determine whether your water is safe or healthy to drink. For recommendations on further testing, give us a call.

water filters
General Services

Discount Filters for Off-Brand Systems

Make sure to give us a call first before paying money for filters for your existing system. We can often save our clients up to $50/year on maintenance costs on their existing system. We want to be your “One Stop Shop” for all water needs!

Give us a call and we will determine what type of system you have and what filters/other maintenance it needs. From there, we can:

  • Provide filters for pickup at one of our locations
  • Mail the filters out to your home address
  • Take over your service contract

We offer a free service each year to those who buy our filters. This keeps your equipment working well, protecting your investment.

water treatment
General Services

Blue Jug Fill-ups

Come by any of our three locations to fill up your bottles with remineralized reverse osmosis water and use the push-button ozone sanitizer. New big blue (18.9L) jugs available with refundable deposit.

Regina (227 7th Ave.) – $2

Saskatoon (2-615 Haskamp St.) – $2

Weyburn – (Smaug’s | 57 3rd St.) – $4

water softener salt
General Services

Softener Salt Delivery

We are yet to meet someone that enjoys lugging around heavy bags of softener salt! Realistically, there is no way (except a ridiculously priced whole-home reverse osmosis system) to soften water for your home without using something like softener salt. Any salt-free systems simply don’t work. The downside is that the bags are heavy and they always have to get lugged all the way downstairs.

When we come to do your annual service, just ask us to bring some salt for you, and we will bring it in and even dump it in your system for you. We charge $10/bag for this service.

With our high-efficiency systems which hold up to five full bags and use just 25-30% of the salt a regular water softener does, many customers will never have to lift another bag of softener salt again, unless they want to!

Sani System RO Unit Sanitizer
General Services

Reverse Osmosis/Softener Sanitation

Did you know that bacteria collects in water softeners and reverse osmosis filters to become a breeding ground for multiplication? Generic RO units are NOT designed for bacteria, meaning that if you have farm water or municipal water that has ever had a water advisory, your system could easily become compromised. Bacteria is also commonly introduced into a generic RO system when you change filters.

It is highly recommended that your systems are sanitized periodically to ensure performance and safety. This can also prevent expensive maintenance and smell in the water.

Infinite Water holds the only FDA-approved product for sanitizing existing water systems. For only $14.95 (regular price $49.95), we will send someone to your home to lab test the water, sanitize your system, and do an inspection. If there is room for improvement, we will be happy to send you a no-obligation email quote in hopes you might become a client in the future!

Please fill out the request for information form below, and one of our water purification experts will get back to you shortly.


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