City Solutions – Drinking Stations/Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis system deluxe model by Infinite Water Solutions

9-stage Hague Drinking Station

Deluxe Model

This point-of-use system gets installed either under the sink or in the utility room, and connects to one special “purified” tap (provided) at the kitchen sink, as well as the fridge/ice maker (if applicable). It produces the highest quality drinking water available using reverse osmosis followed by 8 other stages including thorough re-mineralization.

– The only 9 stage reverse osmosis system on the market in Saskatchewan
– Four stages of remineralization/alkalization to add mineral and alkalinity back to the water after it’s completely purified, giving it better taste and a perfect pH balance
– Can produce up to 100 liters of drinking water daily
– Ideal for high TDS water found in Saskatchewan (2000 ppm+)
– Filter costs capped at a maximum of $150/year – if your exceptionally bad water requires extra filter changes, it’s on us!
– Zero maintenance required on system
– FAR-Infrared stage based on the newest technology available for water treatment
– UV light included at no extra cost for added protection against water advisories

This system comes with:
– Lifetime/25 year manufacturer warranty
– Free Installation
– Booster pump (if required)
– High-flow lines
– Holding Tank and Deluxe Drinking Tap (different styles available to match your fixtures)
– Unlimited Free Phone Support
– Free annual service province-wide!

This system can handle:
– 2000+ ppm TDS
– Extreme municipal water conditions

Reverse Osmosis budget model water purification systems in Weyburn

Infinite Reverse Osmosis

Budget Model

This system is ideal for anyone wanting a more generic model to produce “blue jug quality water” without all the bells and whistles of the Hague systems, allowing a more affordable option. The filters are a twist-lock style that are so easy to change, a small child could do it. These filters are auto-shipped, allowing the customer to easily change them themselves. It is the most efficient reverse osmosis system on the market, with an industry-leading 1:1 waste ratio. It can also produce up to 400 GPD of reverse osmosis drinking water, so there is never an issue with volume or production rate.

This system comes with:
– Lifetime/25 Year Warranty
– Free Installation
– Holding Tank and Deluxe Drinking Tap (different styles available to match your fixtures)
– Unlimited Free Phone Support
– Automatic Filter Ship Program (optional)

This system can handle:
– 1000-1500 ppm TDS max
– Removing up to 99.9% of impurities from the water