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Rural Water Solutions

Providing Water Purification Systems in Rural Saskatchewan

If you reside in rural Saskatchewan and rely on well or dugout water for household use, Infinite Water Solutions can provide transformational water purification systems. We are a locally-owned company with branches in Saskatoon, Weyburn, and Regina, as well as expert service technicians in Hepburn and Prince Albert. We are eager to accommodate the needs of everyone within the province. As a result of our expansive reach and local roots, we are Saskatchewan’s trusted source for water purification systems. Learn how we can transform your home’s water into clean, drinkable water for no money down.

Water Softeners/Conditioners

We offer multiple options when it comes to choosing a water softener for your home. Select the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Drinking Stations/Reverse Osmosis

We offer the highest quality drinking water systems in Saskatchewan, with options for every budget.

Iron/Manganese Systems

Dealing with rust staining? Coloured water? Smelly water? Infinite Water will design a solution to deliver you clean, purified water.

Dugout Systems

Dugout water, whether it is pumped in directly from the dugout or first goes into a seepage well, can be tricky – but easily treatable with the right technology.

Problem Water Solutions

No one is better equipped to handle problem rural water than Infinite Water. Our competitors either hold only generic systems or don’t specialize exclusively in problem well and dugout water treatment. This is all that we do, and that’s why we are so confident in our success rates that we offer a 3-year money-back guarantee with $0 down on all purchases.

Well Water Systems

We understand Saskatchewan well water! Learn more about the variety of well water filtration options we offer.

Go with Infinite Water GET MORE

If you do business with Infinite Water, you don’t have to take a gamble.  Our zero-pressure technicians will come right to your home and do a full lab test on your water, the results of which you can keep at no cost or obligation to you.  You will have the opportunity to see firsthand how the system performs – our technicians will connect a miniature system to run your water through so you can taste, feel, and see the difference.  Since we don’t charge upfront, you will be able to verify that the system works as well in your home as it did during your initial appointment before you pay a cent.  After that, your system is guaranteed to continue working as well for life.  We don’t want your business unless you are ecstatic with your purchase.  All we ask in return is that you tell others, so we can build our business through referrals.

Rural Water Treatment Solutions in Saskatchewan

The water purifiers we offer provide a range of solutions unique to Saskatchewan. We offer exceptional options for addressing well water problems, purifying drinking water, and filtering dugout water. Our water filtration products include:

  • Water Purification Systems – We supply systems designed to remove colour, smells, and slime from your water by eliminating iron, manganese, sulphur, and bacteria.
  • Water Conditioners– Our Deluxe Model Hague Watermax addresses several well water problems specific to Saskatchewan, such as tannin, nitrates, sulphates, and general filtration.
  • Water Softeners – The Budget Model Infinite Water softener is ideal for Saskatchewanians concerned only with calcium and magnesium in their water.
  • Drinking Stations – We can install a 10-stage drinking station in your home, with attachments available for your sink and refrigerator. Our Deluxe Model Hague drinking station can handle “the worst of the worst” rural water problems.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems – In addition to the drinking stations, our Budget Model reverse osmosis water filter can efficiently produce high-quality drinking water.
  • Dugout Systems – Infinite Water supplies rural water solutions even for dugout water. We will develop a customized plan for you based on the quality of your surface water, the presence of aeration, and the presence of a seepage well. Call us today for water analysis and to discuss your options.

The Infinite Water arsenal includes:

  • Whole-home and Commercial-Sized Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Nitrate/Sulfate Removal (for the whole home, or just for drinking)
  • UV Lights
  • Replaceable Pre-Filters for Smell and Sediment
  • Self-Cleaning Silt Pre-filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit add-ons (higher flow, mineral injection stages, RO-UV additions)
  • Chlorination Systems
  • Specialty Inline Filters (nitrate, sulphate, iron, manganese, calcite, etc.)
  • pH-Reversing Units (for acidic or naturally salty water)

Delivering Affordable Purified Water Solutions

Our experts will gladly perform a water evaluation to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision. When you decide that a water filtration system is right for you and your family, we will work with you to make it as affordable as possible. Not only do we provide zero money down plans, but we also offer a pay-what-you-save structure for qualifying customers. It is likely you will not spend any extra money out of your pocket to own one of our water filter systems. On the rare occasion that our systems cannot handle the water in your area – which happens less than 1% of the time – you will not owe us a penny. With Infinite Water Solutions, you have nothing to lose.

We Are Proud to Serve Our Neighbors in Saskatchewan

We are from the area; know the area, and know the water in the area. Our home office is in Saskatoon, but we also have branches in Weyburn and Regina. Additionally, our full-time technicians in Hepburn and Prince Albert allow us to extend high-quality water treatment solutions throughout the province.

Contact Infinite Water for Your Free Evaluation Today

We are proud to be Saskatchewan’s trusted source for water purification systems. We want everyone to have clean drinking water regardless of where they live in the province. Let us stop by to perform a free water evaluation and go over your options. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results. Call us at (306) 382-2782 to learn more.

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