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Dugout water, whether it is pumped in directly from the dugout or first goes into a seepage well, can be tricky, but easily treatable with the right technology. Typically, the concerns are color (tannin), smell, bacteria, and unknown matter (algae, dirt, etc.). Many customers never imagine that dugout water could be turned into better than bottled quality water for drinking, but this is actually very easy to do with a 100% success rate to date.

Some customers tell us that they have a well right beside their dugout (seepage well). We still categorize this as dugout water. Seepage wells are beneficial in some ways (extra filtration) but can add a dimension of water problems such as addition of iron/iron bacteria, which needs to be addressed.

Infinite Water is experienced with treating dugout water of all kinds. There is, however, no “one size fits all” system – every dugout is different and depends on a variety of factors such as:
– Quality of the surface water
– Presence of Aeration
– Presence of a Seepage Well

There are a variety of solutions available, such as:
– Self-Flushing Catch-all Filtration Units (cutting-edge dugout technology)
– Self-Flushing Filtration Units designed for Dugout Smell
– Chlorination Systems (used as a last resort for extreme problems)
– Whole-Home Reverse Osmosis (used as a last resort for extreme problems)
– Iron and Iron Bacteria Systems (usually for Seepage Wells with high iron)
– UV Protection for Drinking or the Whole Home
– Drinking Stations for “better than bottled” quality for drinking

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