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Iron Filter

Iron/Manganese Systems for water purification
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Iron/Manganese Systems

Do you have iron in your water? How about manganese?

A water softener is not always enough! In these cases, we have several iron systems to choose from. They are:

  • Chemical-Free Iron Systems
  • Ozone Add-ons for Iron, Manganese and Bacteria
  • Greensand Manganese Systems
  • Replaceable Zeolite Inline Iron Filters
  • Katalox, Birm, and Nextsand Units
  • Much more

We choose the iron filtration system based on what we find in our detailed water test. We also consider environmental factors. For example, inline filters conserve water but can only handle moderately high iron levels up to 3 ppm. Flow rates and pH are also important factors. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and so we are careful to choose the right one for each customer.

Our Iron/Manganese systems can handle:

  • Up to 20 ppm iron
  • Up to 5 ppm manganese
  • Sulphur
  • Iron bacteria
  • Manganese bacteria

Expect the following results:

  • No more rust staining
  • No more colour
  • No more “rotten egg” smell
  • No more black or orange slime
  • General filtration (down to 3 microns)

Chemical-Free Iron Systems

You don’t have to put chemicals in your water to remove iron or manganese. Chemical-free systems are available and have some unique advantages. You don’t have to worry about running out of supplies or fouling up your land with wastewater. If you don’t like the idea of using chemical additives, we can get you an alternative.

Ozone Water Treatment

Mixing ozone into your water during the regeneration process is an effective way to prevent iron bacteria from growing in the media bed. It is even more effective than chlorine and doesn’t have a bad taste or smell. The ozone sanitizes the water within seconds, killing the iron bacteria onsite, preventing “rotten egg smell.”

Manganese Greensand Filtration

Greensand filters do not use harmful chemicals. The old-style greensand systems required potassium permanganate to regenerate. New technology allows us to use air to create the same results, so there is no consumable cost to operating your system. Greensand requires low flow rates and is superior for removing manganese, a common contaminant in Saskatchewan well water.

Replaceable Inline Iron Filters

Replaceable inline iron filters don’t require any water to be wasted or backwashed. This is ideal if you have a limited water supply because you won’t lose any water. We often use them when a customer has a weak well or must haul water. They also work well for septic systems (cottages, etc.). Like any other physical filter, they do get replaced (usually annually), but the setup comes with low upfront costs so is usually no more expensive long-term.


Iron and manganese are common issues in Saskatchewan, and they cause havoc aesthetically. We remove these elements because they plug fixtures, cause stains, and damage appliances. Manganese is also less than ideal for your drinking water. You don’t have to have these problems any longer. We can set you up right so your water tastes good, comes out clear and doesn’t gunk up your pipes.

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