Infinite Water and COVID-19

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

To all our valued clients – to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close all Infinite Water branches, effective Monday, March 30, 2020.

Our organization wishes to lead by example. Those on the front lines – health professionals protecting our lives, transportation providers keeping the supply chains open, farmers and ranchers keeping food on our tables, and many more – do not have a choice about doing their jobs. We do, and we strongly believe that the private sector has an obligation to protect our communities, even if it means sacrificing profit.

Our business relies heavily on in-home appointments, including installing/servicing water systems as well as water consultations. We have followed strict safety protocols this month, however, as the situation escalates, we have decided that a short-term but complete shutdown of all branch activity is necessary, for the protection of our clients and employees as well as the longevity of the business. This is obviously a fluid situation and we will be re-evaluating at the end of April.

We have individually consulted with each of our staff members to ensure they will be taken care of during this break, and they will all be ok. Everyone is looking forward to focusing on family.

Unfortunately, our service hotline will not be available during this temporary closure, as field technicians will not be available to visit your home. We understand that this is inconvenient for you, our valued customers who may require assistance with your water. Amanda and I will, however, personally review and respond to support emails and do everything we can to help.

Our staff members have already contacted many of you to set you up with a self-serve filter package, allowing you the opportunity to get hands on with your water system with easy to follow instructions while saving money on maintenance costs.

We will continue to offer delivery services with free shipping so you can access the replacement parts you need, for the lowest cost possible, to keep your system running optimally. Over the next few days, we will be working around the clock to build an online store for easy access to these items.

For more information,

We are proud to be a Saskatchewan-based company, and we are honored that you trusted us to take care of your family’s water needs. We wish to assure you that our business isn’t going anywhere, and we will be here to help for many years to come.
Counting down the days until we can serve you safely once again,

Kalen Mazenc & Amanda Machuk
Owners, Infinite Water Saskatchewan

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