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It depends on your water, whether you live in the country or city, and what kind of pre-existing system you have (as we work with what you have when we can rather than over-selling you). For qualifying customers, we offer a pay-what-you-save plan, meaning that the monthly payment usually equates to the amount of money we can save you, and with $0 down plans, often customers are able to get a system put in without actually costing them anything extra out of their own pocket. Our technician will be more than happy to explain the details of this offer, which is a big reason why 80% of the people we talk to end up owning a system.
Yes, we are! Infinite Water is a Saskatchewan-based company with Saskatchewan-born owners. Our head office is in Saskatoon, and the owners live in Regina. There are branches in Weyburn and Regina with full-time service technicians stationed in Hepburn and Prince Albert to help serve the entire province. Since much of our business comes from small-town and rural clients, we tend to be in every area of the province on a weekly basis. The Hague products are also made 100% in North America, a claim none of our competitors can make.
First of all, we service our system for free, for 25 years. Water systems really need their own personal technician, and with any other company the product soon stops working as well, or quits altogether. Service calls are expensive, and customers in small towns or rural areas often don't get the service they require. We put an end to all of this, with unlimited, free annual service and unlimited access to our service hotline for 25 years. If your system stops working every bit as well as on day one, we will come and either replace it or fix it, with no charge for mileage or any other hidden fees. Secondly, our product is made for Saskatchewan water. We don't just soften the water, we completely clean it with our ion-exchange conditioning system which removes not just calcium but dirt, sediment, iron, rust, manganese, and harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. Other water products often just don't cut it, with the result being water that is improved but far from perfect. Most water purification techniques out there simply don't work in Saskatchewan, as filters get plugged up (and are expensive to replace) and other methods just don't completely clean the water. Our system is hassle-free, and our technicians do all the dirty work at no cost to you. Finally, The maintenance on our system is minimal. In fact, the monthly payment to buy our entire system is equivalent to what the maintenance alone on other systems costs! With Infinite Water Solutions, you get a top quality (Gold-Seal rated system) for less money than what any competitor charges, with lifetime servicing and warranty included for no extra cost. It's a no-brainer. We guarantee that your investment is the last investment you make on water in your lifetime.
None, and you can keep the results. Sending your water off to the lab can cost between $92-200.
Although Hague has been around since 1960, Infinite Water has only been marketing their products in Saskatchewan since 2014 so certainly don't have the presence "those other guys" do. Although we have 3 locations and over 3,000 systems sold in the province, we didn't start advertising until September of 2018, relying 100% on customer referrals, so many people still don't know about us and what a better deal we are compared to the competition. Many companies scale too quickly and sacrifice the attention to their clients, and we would rather be the best than the biggest. To give each customer 100% conviction in our work, however, we offer 3-year money-back guarantees, $0 down, and note that the lifetime warranty is honored by Hague Quality Water, rather than Infinite (it is also underwritten by an insurer for 100% protection). This prevents the customer from having to take any kind of chance on us. Our online social media reviews say it all - a 4.9 (out of 5) star average rating by over 200 verified customers (100% uncensored reviews) give us the best rating of any water purification company in Canada to date.
It's pretty simple - each customer, on average, gives us one referral per year. Word of mouth advertising, to date, accounts for 90% of our sales. Other companies charge $200-400 per service call, but when we have a lot of business in your area, it doesn't really cost us much to send a technician out every once in a while. We don't need to make money off our existing customers. On the other hand, especially in Saskatchewan, bad news spreads faster than good, so if there is a problem we make sure to make that problem go away quickly! With an international average service rate of 0.5% (1 out of 200 installed systems), there is admittedly little that goes wrong. We do come once a year even if we don't hear from you, just to change filters, test the water, and service the equipment. We have found that this "old-school" way of doing business is not only more ethical, but it is also actually more profitable too! By not trying to squeeze every dollar out of each customer and just treating people well, our business has flourished and we are now outselling almost all of our competitors combined, and feeling good about what we're doing at the same time.
We have a local service hotline set up for just that. Simply call 306-382-AQUA with any questions - big or small. When you're an Infinite customer, you receive ongoing support for your purchase, for life, at no extra cost. This is just one of the added value benefits of being our customer and supporting local business.
Not at all! The Hague conditioning systems are world-renowned and proven by multiple academic studies to be the most efficient systems on the planet. All water systems do need to use some water to operate, but ours use a fraction of that amount. Whereas a regular water softener will use up to 70-100 gallons or more to regenerate, the Hague systems use just 14-29 (depending on the model). The Hague Drinking Stations, using reverse osmosis, do waste some water (around 3 gallons for every 1 gallon produced), but that's just for the drinking tap. Most people that don't have a system waste 2 glasses of water while running the tap to make it cold enough to pour a glass, so it's no different from normal usage. For someone drinking 8 glasses of water daily, that's the equivalent of wasting 1.5 gallons, while the average overall use in Canada is 75 gallons daily - that's only a 2% increase in water consumption, a negligible amount! The Budget units are even more efficient at a 1:1 waste ratio, meaning that that same client would waste only half a gallon daily, or a less than 1% increase in their total water consumption. In special situations that require maximal efficiency (septic systems, hauled water, etc.), it is also possible for us to plumb in a "Zero-waste" Drinking Station.
We do, but only as a small part of the system. Reverse osmosis is good and bad for the same reason - it almost works too well, removing everything from the water including healthy minerals. For this reason, reverse osmosis water is actually acidic and can flush minerals out of your body. Using reverse osmosis for your whole home is not efficient and extremely expensive, with the maintenance costing up to $100 per month or more. The process wastes a lot of water and energy. At the same time, reverse osmosis is the best way to clean water, so we use it as one step only for the drinking water tap, followed by a minimum of four extra stages and a four-part remineralization process, producing the healthiest, best-tasting water possible. The systems are also maximally efficient, adding less than 1% to your overall water usage.
Absolutely - that's our specialty! Our iron-removing system is made for Saskatchewan water and removes up to 20 ppm iron from water without adding chemicals and needing maintenance. Dugout water is actually quite easy to treat as it has less "stuff" in it than well water, and we also have a system specifically engineered for that. In the rare event that your water is so bad that our system can't handle it (this happens about 1% of the time), we may, however, decline to take on the deal - or, if the system was already put in, remove it and not charge you a cent. Our policy is to put a system in with $0 upfront, so you can pay later when it's been proven to you how well it works. There is almost always a solution for any type of water, but unfortunately, some solutions cost more than others.
Absolutely. Some people have already invested a ton in water systems, or maybe you just have excellent water. We don't mind stopping by and giving you the free water evaluation. We find helping people out in this way is the best advertising for our company, and if you aren't in the market you may have friends you refer us to if you like our approach.
This is what we rely on, and we pay our advertising budget back to customers like you who are advertising for us to show our appreciation for sending business our way. Click to see a list of prizes we will send you for sending people over. Some of our customers have received laptops, Ipads, and big-screen TVs just for telling some of their neighbours about how happy they are with their system.
The Conditioners and Softeners do require softener salt (or the alternative of potassium chloride). Regardless of the claims out there, there is no technology capable of removing even a moderate percentage of the hard minerals from water except for ion exchange, which relies on the addition of something with a positive ion such as standard softener salt (used because of the low cost). The one exception to this is using reverse osmosis for the whole home, usually paired with the chemical addition of an anti-scalant solution to prevent filter/membrane degradation, however, these systems cost well over $10,000 with the maintenance cost doubling that amount every 10 years. Our deluxe conditioners and budget water softeners are extremely efficient, using just 25-30% of the salt a standard water softener would use. The systems can hold up to 5 bags of salt at a time and use patented anti-bridging technology to prevent "salt-clumping." Infinite Water also offers free salt delivery during the annual checkups, meaning that you will never have to haul another bag of salt again unless you want to.
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