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Clean, pure water for Saskatchewan

We are a Canadian company with Saskatchewan-born owners. We understand Saskatchewan water, and are dedicated to the highest degree of customer service.

Water Purification Systems in Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Deserves Clean Water

Infinite Water Solutions for Saskatchewan

Infinite Water services urban and rural Saskatchewan with water filtration systems, water softeners, drinking stations, and other specialty items.

With full-service offices spread across the province (Regina, Saskatoon, Weyburn), and other full-time technicians stationed in other areas (Prince Albert, Hepburn), we’re proud to offer you dedicated, zero-pressure water professionals at any time.

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Our Value is Our Customers

We’re proud to stand behind a 4.9-star review rating from more than 800 verified customers offering completely uncensored reviews.

Ready to take the next step towards better, healthier water? We’d love the chance to make you our next happy customer.

Water Purification Canada
home drinking water

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Get a complete home purification solution from only $32/month (taxes in) with $0 down! Satisfaction guaranteed, or you don’t pay a dime.

Water Softeners/Conditioners

We offer multiple options when it comes to choosing a water softener for your home. Select the option that best fits your needs and budget.

RO Drinking Stations

We offer the highest quality drinking water systems in Saskatchewan, with options for every budget.

Dugout Water Systems

Dugout water, whether it is pumped in directly from the dugout or first goes into a seepage well, can be tricky – but easily treatable with the right technology.

Well Water Systems

Saskatchewan wells are unique, and traditional water softeners simply don’t cut it. Each system is custom-built for you, and guaranteed for life with zero maintenance or upkeep cost.

Business/Commercial Solutions

Every client needs a system that is designed for them, so there is not a “one size fits all approach”. In just a few minutes, we can determine what is the best fit for you.

So Much More!

We are your complete, one-stop water shop. Already have a system? We do maintenance, testing, replacements, upgrades, servicing and more. If you have a question about your water, we’ll have an answer.

Hear from 800 + Happy Customers!

Word of mouth produces the majority of our new business, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. By taking every step to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction, our customers gladly spread the word for us, giving us the highest satisfaction rating of any water company in the country.

Arlene Dobrohoczki

Middle Lake

We are no longer dealing with iron staining since install. Showers feel a lot softer then with our previous system.

Richard Lebrun

Moose Jaw

We love our new drinking water system. We have even recommended the company to friends. Our coffee and tea taste so much better now, and not having to buy bottled water is easier on the pocket book. We even fill our own jugs at home to go camping.

Roger Favreau

Prince Albert

I am quite happy with the water. Everything from the improved taste of the water and coffee to the suds in my sink has been worth every penny. My son has had dry skin and eczema in the past; however, since having clean conditioned water, it’s helped us both. I hardly have to use lotion anymore. I honestly can’t drink the water from the tap at friends places and now carry my own water bottle everywhere! The staff and my rep, Anita, have been a pleasure to deal with and are very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this product and service to everyone.

Leanne Johnston


I recently purchased both the water conditioner and drinking water system and am so happy I did! I never had conditioned water before and didn’t realize what I was missing! I am drinking more water now, too. Great team… from the installer, to the water evaluation representative, to the owners. They answered all my questions and presented the information so I could easily understand it, and made the systems affordable. Infinite Water Solutions is truly an honest and reputable company.

Christian Gaditano


Kevin did an awesome job!

Randy Mazenc


I did not know RO could have pressure like this – holy *$@# is this awesome!

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Get a complete home purification solution from only $32/month (taxes in) with $0 down! Satisfaction guaranteed, or you don’t pay a dime.